3. Inputting User in LDAP Browser

  1. Open the LDAP browser.

  2. Click File>Connect.

  3. Change the port to 10389.

  4. In the Level drop-down menu, choose User+Password.

  5. Insert uid=admin,ou=system in the User DN input field.

  6. The password is secret.

  7. Click Save and enter a name for the template.

  8. Right click on Example and click New.

  9. Add inetorgperson to the Selected Class.

  10. User Jane Smith will be added. Enter cn=janesmith in the Enter RDN field and click OK.

  11. In the Table Editor enter Smith in the SN line.

  12. Enter Jane in the givenName line.

  13. For the mail enter janesmith@liferay.com.

  14. For the userpassword enter test.

  15. Click Submit.