Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="liferay-asset" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:liferay-asset="" />

Provides the Liferay Asset component tags, prefixed with liferay-asset:.

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameliferay-asset

Tag Summary
asset-add-buttonDeprecated as of 7.3.0, with no direct replacement.
asset-addon-entry-displayDeprecated as of 7.3.0, with no direct replacement.
asset-addon-entry-selectorDeprecated as of 7.3.0, with no direct replacement.
asset-categories-availableNo Description
asset-categories-errorNo Description
asset-categories-navigationCreates a component that displays a list of vocabularies and categories that can be used for navigation.
asset-categories-selectorNo Description
asset-categories-summaryNo Description
asset-displayNo Description
asset-entry-usagesNo Description
asset-linksNo Description
asset-metadataNo Description
asset-tags-availableNo Description
asset-tags-errorCreates a liferay-ui:error component to display tag-related error messages.
asset-tags-navigationNo Description
asset-tags-selectorCreates a component to create and select tags to add to an asset, such as a blog entry, bookmark, or wiki page.
asset-tags-summaryCreates a component to display all the tags associated with an asset, such as a blog entry, wiki page, or message boards message.
asset-view-usagesNo Description
categorization-filterNo Description
input-asset-linksNo Description
select-asset-display-pageNo Description

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