Tag image-selector

Creates a UI to add images. It renders a drag and drop area and a button to open a selection dialog. It works as an image viewer if an image is selected.


Tag Information
Tag Classcom.liferay.item.selector.taglib.servlet.taglib.ImageSelectorTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

draggableImagefalsetruejava.lang.StringDeprecated as of 7.4.0, replaced by the attribute imageCropDirection.
fileEntryIdtruetruejava.lang.StringThe ID of a previously selected file entry.
imageCropDirectionfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe direction of the image drag to crop it. Possible values are both, horizontal, none, or vertical.
itemSelectorEventNametruetruejava.lang.StringThe name of the event that the item selector dialog throws, in order to allow the image selector tag capture and show the selected image.
itemSelectorURLtruetruejava.lang.StringThe URL of the selection dialog to be shown on the user clicking the select button.
maxFileSizefalsetruejava.lang.StringThe maximum file size that the backend can handle.
paramNamefalsetruejava.lang.StringA prefix to the parameters to be sent to the server.
uploadURLtruetruejava.lang.StringThe target URL for the new files that are uploaded.
validExtensionsfalsetruejava.lang.StringA list of valid extensions that the server can handle.

No Variables Defined.

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