Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="liferay-staging" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:liferay-staging="" />

No Description

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameliferay-staging

Tag Summary
alertRenders the UI section for an alert.
checkboxRenders a checkbox designed specifically for Staging screens.
configuration-headerRenders the UI section for an exportImportConfiguration object's basic information.
contentRenders the Export and Publish UI sections for a site's contents.
defineObjectsSets up basic staging environment information in the pageContext based on the current request, such as staging/live groups and their IDs.
deletionsRenders the Deletion section for the Export or Publish screen's UI.
descriptive-nameDisplays the group name suffixed with (Staging) (e.g., Test (Staging)). This is useful for distinguishing a site as a staged group.
incomplete-process-messageRenders the incomplete processing message for publication.
input-schedulerRenders a scheduler for scheduled publications.
menuRenders a Navbar containing a staging menu with page versioning information, if available.
permissionsRenders the Permissions section for the Export, Import, or Publish screen's UI.
popoverDisplays a popover.
portlet-listRenders a portlet list section in the UI. This is meant to use in conjunction with the content tag.
process-dateRenders a labeled date for a publishing process.
process-durationRenders the process duration information for a publishing process.
process-errorRenders different error messages the publishing process.
process-in-progressRenders the status information for an in-progress publishing process.
process-infoRenders information about the publishing process in descriptive mode.
process-listRenders a process list screen for the staging publication.
process-list-menuRenders the kebab menu for a staging process list item.
process-message-task-detailsRenders the detailed process message.
process-start-dateRenders the start date of a publishing process.
process-statusRenders the short status information for a publishing process.
process-summary-linkRenders a link to the process' summary. It should be used within a process-list-menu tag.
process-titleRenders the process title information for a publishing process.
radioRenders a radio button designed specifically for Staging screens.
remote-optionsRenders the remote site options.
select-pagesRenders a Select section in the UI for an Export or Publish screen.
statusDisplays a badge UI element on the screen with simple publication information, indicating whether a staged model has been published.

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