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Uses of Query in com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.orm

Subinterfaces of Query in com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.orm
 interface SQLQuery

Methods in com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.orm that return Query
 Query ClassLoaderSession.createQuery(String queryString)
 Query Session.createQuery(String queryString)
 Query ClassLoaderSession.createQuery(String queryString, boolean strictName)
 Query Session.createQuery(String queryString, boolean strictName)
 Query Query.setBoolean(int pos, boolean value)
 Query Query.setBoolean(String name, boolean value)
 Query Query.setCacheable(boolean cacheable)
 Query Query.setCacheMode(CacheMode cacheMode)
 Query Query.setCacheRegion(String cacheRegion)
 Query Query.setDouble(int pos, double value)
 Query Query.setDouble(String name, double value)
 Query Query.setFirstResult(int firstResult)
 Query Query.setFloat(int pos, float value)
 Query Query.setFloat(String name, float value)
 Query Query.setInteger(int pos, int value)
 Query Query.setInteger(String name, int value)
 Query Query.setLockMode(String alias, LockMode lockMode)
 Query Query.setLong(int pos, long value)
 Query Query.setLong(String name, long value)
 Query Query.setMaxResults(int maxResults)
 Query Query.setSerializable(int pos, Serializable value)
 Query Query.setSerializable(String name, Serializable value)
 Query Query.setShort(int pos, short value)
 Query Query.setShort(String name, short value)
 Query Query.setString(int pos, String value)
 Query Query.setString(String name, String value)
 Query Query.setTimestamp(int pos, Timestamp value)
 Query Query.setTimestamp(String name, Timestamp value)

Methods in com.liferay.portal.kernel.dao.orm with parameters of type Query
static QueryPos QueryPos.getInstance(Query query)
static Comparable<?>[] QueryUtil.getPrevAndNext(Query query, int count, OrderByComparator obc, Comparable<?> comparable)
static Iterator<?> QueryUtil.iterate(Query query, Dialect dialect, int start, int end)
static Iterator<?> QueryUtil.iterate(Query query, Dialect dialect, int start, int end, boolean unmodifiable)
static List<?> QueryUtil.list(Query query, Dialect dialect, int start, int end)
static List<?> QueryUtil.list(Query query, Dialect dialect, int start, int end, boolean unmodifiable)
static List<?> QueryUtil.randomList(Query query, Dialect dialect, int total, int num)
static List<?> QueryUtil.randomList(Query query, Dialect dialect, int total, int num, boolean unmodifiable)

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