Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="liferay-frontend" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:liferay-frontend="" />

No Description

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameliferay-frontend

Tag Summary
add-menuCreates an add menu component that contains a list of menu items.
add-menu-itemCreates a menu item component.
componentNo Description
defineObjectsNo Description
diffNo Description
diff-version-comparatorNo Description
edit-formCreates a form that offers additional styling and custom namespacing.
edit-form-bodyCreates an edit form body that offers additional styling.
edit-form-footerCreates an edit form footer that offers additional styling.
email-notification-settingsNo Description
empty-result-messageNo Description
fieldsetCreates a <div> tag to group related form elements and offer additional styling.
fieldset-groupCreates a <div> tag to group fieldset elements and offer additional styling.
form-navigatorCreates a navigable form for multiple section forms. The navigation is a side navigation box with links to each section that renders as vertically stacked accordion style sections that expand when clicked.
form-navigator-stepsCreates a navigable form for multiple section forms. The navigation is a side navigation box with links to each section that renders as a progressive step navigation positioned above the form.
horizontal-cardCreates a lexicon-based card component.
horizontal-card-colNo Description
horizontal-card-iconNo Description
html-vertical-cardCreates a lexicon-based card component with a custom HTML header.
icon-vertical-cardCreates a lexicon-based card component.
image-cardNo Description
info-barNo Description
info-bar-buttonNo Description
info-bar-buttonsNo Description
info-bar-sidenav-toggler-buttonNo Description
management-barNo Description
management-bar-action-buttonsNo Description
management-bar-buttonNo Description
management-bar-buttonsNo Description
management-bar-display-buttonsNo Description
management-bar-filterNo Description
management-bar-filter-itemNo Description
management-bar-filtersNo Description
management-bar-navigationNo Description
management-bar-sidenav-toggler-buttonNo Description
management-bar-sortNo Description
screen-navigationNo Description
side-panel-contentNo Description
sidebar-panelCreates a lexicon-based sidebar panel component.
stylesheetLoads a CSS resource using the AMD loader.
translation-managerCreates a UI component for managing translations of associated content.
user-vertical-cardCreates a lexicon-based card component.
vertical-cardCreates a lexicon-based card component.
vertical-card-footerNo Description
vertical-card-headerNo Description
vertical-card-small-imageNo Description
vertical-card-sticker-bottomNo Description

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