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<!DOCTYPE theme-loader PUBLIC "-//Liferay//DTD Theme Loader 7.2.0//EN" "">

<theme-loader> Root element

The theme-loader element is the root of the deployment descriptor for a Liferay theme loader. A theme loader is required to allow the LAR export and import mechanism to hot deploy themes at runtime even if the underlying application server does not support hot deploy.

<theme-loader>'s children
file-storageOne or none
themes-pathOne or none
Element's model:

(themes-path?, file-storage?)

<themes-path> Child of theme-loader

The themes-path element tells the theme loader where to store the themes inside the exploded WAR. This is also the path used to prefix the root-path of all themes loaded by this theme loader. The default is "/themes".

<file-storage> Child of theme-loader

The file-storage element tells the theme loader where to store the files. If this element is not set, then it will store the files inside the exploded WAR's "themes" directory or inside the directory set by the element themes-path. If this element is set, it expects a full path to an external directory.