Tag layouts-tree

Creates a component that displays a tree of pages.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.liferay.layout.taglib.servlet.taglib.LayoutsTreeTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

checkContentDisplayPagefalsetruebooleanWhether to make selectable only Display Page type pages.
defaultStateCheckedfalsetruebooleanWhether to initially select the checkboxes, if selectableTree is enabled.
draggableTreefalsetruebooleanWhether the pages in the tree can be dragged and dropped.
expandFirstNodefalsetruebooleanWhether to expand the root node.
groupIdfalsetruelongThe group ID from which the pages are displayed.
incompletefalsetruebooleanWhether to gray out the layouts that have a workflow status Incomplete.
layoutSetBranchfalsetruecom.liferay.portal.kernel.model.LayoutSetBranchNo Description
linkTemplatefalsetruejava.lang.StringThe HTML template to use to generate the HTML of each page in the tree.
portletURLfalsetruejavax.portlet.PortletURLThe base portlet URL to use to generate the URL of the nodes.
portletURLsfalsetruejava.util.MapA map of base portlet URLs that can be used to generate several URLs in the nodes. The key of the map is replaced by the value in the linkTemplate or rootLinkTemplate.
privateLayoutfalsetruebooleanWhether to display the Private Pages from the site; otherwise, the Public Pages are displayed.
rootLinkTemplatefalsetruejava.lang.StringThe HTML template to use to generate the HTML for the root node of the tree.
rootNodeNamefalsetruejava.lang.StringThe text to display in the root node of the tree.
saveStatefalsetruebooleanWhether to persist the state of open/closed nodes for the next time the user views this tree.
scriptPositionfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe position of the scripts rendered by this tag. See the documentation of <aui:script>'s position attribute for more details.
selectableTreefalsetruebooleanWhether to provide each node a checkbox so the pages can be selected.
selectedLayoutIdsfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe nodes that are to be selected initially, if selectableTree is enabled.
selPlidfalsetruejava.lang.LongThe primary key of the page that is currently selected.
treeIdfalsetruejava.lang.StringA unique ID to namespace the tree.

No Variables Defined.

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