Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="liferay-ui" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:liferay-ui="" />

Provides the Liferay UI component tags, prefixed with liferay-ui:.

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameliferay-ui

Tag Summary
alertNo Description
app-view-display-styleDeprecated as of 7.0.0, replaced by liferay-aui:nav-item.
app-view-entryCreates a component for displaying entry items such as images, documents, folders, etc. in a concise but informative manner. Items are displayed in a similar fashion to entries in the file system of most operating systems.
app-view-search-entryCreates a component for displaying search results of entries in app view.
app-view-toolbarCreates a toolbar for viewing items in app view.
asset-add-buttonNo Description
asset-addon-entry-displayNo Description
asset-addon-entry-selectorNo Description
asset-categories-availableNo Description
asset-categories-errorNo Description
asset-categories-selectorNo Description
asset-categories-summaryNo Description
asset-displayNo Description
asset-linksNo Description
asset-metadataNo Description
asset-tags-availableNo Description
asset-tags-errorCreates a liferay-ui:error component to display tag-related error messages.
asset-tags-navigationNo Description
asset-tags-selectorCreates a Liferay.AssetTagsSelector component to create and select tags to add to an asset, such as a blog entry, bookmark, or wiki page.
asset-tags-summaryCreates a component to display all the tags associated with an asset, such as a blog entry, wiki page, or message boards message.
breadcrumbNo Description
calendarCreates a calendar with configurable events.
categorization-filterNo Description
diff-htmlNo Description
discussionNo Description
drop-here-infoNo Description
empty-result-messageNo Description
errorCreates an error message to display to the user.
error-headerCreates a liferay-ui:header with a back button; it's for displaying above an error message.
error-markerNo Description
error-principalCreates an authorization failure error message to display to the user.
flashNo Description
form-navigatorCreates a navigable form for multiple section forms. Its default navigation is a side navigation box with links to each section. The navigation can be configured as a progressive step navigation positioned above the form, or as vertically stacked accordion style sections that expand when clicked.
group-searchNo Description
headerCreates a header that displays its text above a horizontal rule accompanied by a configurable back URL button.
iconCreates a fully configurable icon that provides access to current Liferay theme icons.
icon-deactivateCreates an icon to associate with deactivating an item.
icon-deleteCreates a configurable icon to associate with deleting or removing an item.
icon-helpCreates a help icon that displays a custom message as a tooltip on mouse over of the help icon.
icon-listCreates a list of icons from a list of child components.
icon-menuCreates an icon menu from a list of child components.
input-asset-linksNo Description
input-checkboxCreates a configurable input checkbox.
input-dateCreates a date input field that displays a calendar for date selection.
input-editorCreates an input field for editing rich text.
input-fieldNo Description
input-localizedNo Description
input-move-boxesCreates an input move boxes component comprised of two columns of key value pairs that can be rearranged.
input-permissionsNo Description
input-permissions-paramsNo Description
input-repeatCreates a component allowing users to make an event repeat over a given interval.
input-resourceCreates an input field for selecting resources such as folders.
input-schedulerNo Description
input-searchCreates a configurable search box.
input-selectCreates a select input component with yes or no options.
input-textareaCreates a configurable text area input field.
input-timeCreates a time input field that provides a scrollable dropdown list of hours, in intervals designated by the minuteInterval attribute.
input-time-zoneCreates a configurable timezone drop-down menu.
journal-content-searchNo Description
languageNo Description
layout-commonNo Description
layout-templates-listNo Description
logo-selectorNo Description
membership-policy-errorNo Description
menuNo Description
menu-itemNo Description
messageCreates a message to display to the user.
my-sitesNo Description
organization-search-container-resultsNo Description
organization-search-formNo Description
page-iteratorCreates a page iterator for paginating through lists of items.
panelCreates a collapsible panel for housing content.
panel-containerCreates a collapsible container to house liferay-ui:panel components.
paramNo Description
png-imageRenders a PNG image with the source given for the image attribute.
quick-accessNo Description
quick-access-entryNo Description
ratingsNo Description
ratings-scoreNo Description
restore-entryNo Description
rssCreates a clickable link and/or icon to an RSS feed document.
rss-settingsCreates a configuration component for users to define RSS settings, such as how many articles to display.
searchCreates a search form, with an additional select input to set the scope of the search.
search-containerCreates a grid for displaying a list of objects and their properties.
search-container-column-buttonNo Description
search-container-column-dateCreates a date column in a search container.
search-container-column-iconCreates a column in a search container for displaying an icon.
search-container-column-imageCreates a column in a search container for displaying an image.
search-container-column-jspCreates a column in a search container with the contents of a JSP file.
search-container-column-statusCreates a column in a search container for the workflow status.
search-container-column-textCreates a text column in a search container.
search-container-column-userNo Description
search-container-resultsThe list of objects to display in the search container.
search-container-rowCreates rows in the search container for each object returned by liferay-ui:search-container-results.
search-container-row-parameterCreates parameters for rows in the search container. The liferay-ui:search-container-row tag is required.
search-formNo Description
search-iteratorCreates a search results page iterator with an optional paginator.
search-paginatorCreates a page iterator to paginate through search results.
search-speedNo Description
search-toggleCreates a search instance that can be toggled between basic and advanced search.
sectionNo Description
sites-directoryNo Description
social-activitiesNo Description
social-bookmarkNo Description
social-bookmarksCreates icons and links to share content on social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.
social-bookmarks-settingsNo Description
successCreates a success message to display to the user.
table-iteratorNo Description
tabsCreates a tabbed UI of section dividers that each house their own content.

toggleCreates a component that toggles the visibility of the content of the component matching the given id. Default icons are used as the component's default mechanism for showing and hiding the content.
toggle-areaCreates a component that toggles the visibility of a div and its contents.
toggle-valueNo Description
toolbar-itemNo Description
upload-progressCreates a progress bar for items being uploaded.
user-displayNo Description
user-group-search-container-resultsNo Description
user-name-fieldsNo Description
user-portraitNo Description
user-searchNo Description
user-search-container-resultsNo Description
user-search-formNo Description

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