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Interface ShoppingItemField

All Superinterfaces:
BaseModel<ShoppingItemField>, ClassedModel, Cloneable, Comparable<ShoppingItemField>, PersistedModel, Serializable, ShoppingItemFieldModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
ShoppingItemFieldBaseImpl, ShoppingItemFieldImpl, ShoppingItemFieldWrapper

public interface ShoppingItemField
extends ShoppingItemFieldModel, PersistedModel

The extended model interface for the ShoppingItemField service. Represents a row in the "ShoppingItemField" database table, with each column mapped to a property of this class.

See Also:
ShoppingItemFieldModel, ShoppingItemFieldImpl, ShoppingItemFieldModelImpl
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Method Summary
 String[] getValuesArray()
 void setValues(String values)
          Sets the values of this shopping item field.
 void setValuesArray(String[] valuesArray)
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Method Detail


String[] getValuesArray()


void setValues(String values)
Description copied from interface: ShoppingItemFieldModel
Sets the values of this shopping item field.

Specified by:
setValues in interface ShoppingItemFieldModel
values - the values of this shopping item field


void setValuesArray(String[] valuesArray)

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