Liferay 6.2-ce-ga5

Class LayoutSetServiceSoap

  extended by com.liferay.portal.service.http.LayoutSetServiceSoap

public class LayoutSetServiceSoap
extends Object

Provides the SOAP utility for the LayoutSetServiceUtil service utility. The static methods of this class calls the same methods of the service utility. However, the signatures are different because it is difficult for SOAP to support certain types.

ServiceBuilder follows certain rules in translating the methods. For example, if the method in the service utility returns a List, that is translated to an array of LayoutSetSoap. If the method in the service utility returns a LayoutSet, that is translated to a LayoutSetSoap. Methods that SOAP cannot safely wire are skipped.

The benefits of using the SOAP utility is that it is cross platform compatible. SOAP allows different languages like Java, .NET, C++, PHP, and even Perl, to call the generated services. One drawback of SOAP is that it is slow because it needs to serialize all calls into a text format (XML).

You can see a list of services at http://localhost:8080/api/axis. Set the property axis.servlet.hosts.allowed in to configure security.

The SOAP utility is only generated for remote services.

See Also:
LayoutSetServiceHttp, LayoutSetSoap, LayoutSetServiceUtil
ServiceBuilder generated this class. Modifications in this class will be overwritten the next time it is generated.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void updateLayoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled(long groupId, boolean privateLayout, boolean layoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled, String layoutSetPrototypeUuid)
          Updates the state of the layout set prototype link.
static void updateLogo(long groupId, boolean privateLayout, boolean logo, byte[] bytes)
static LayoutSetSoap updateLookAndFeel(long groupId, boolean privateLayout, String themeId, String colorSchemeId, String css, boolean wapTheme)
static LayoutSetSoap updateSettings(long groupId, boolean privateLayout, String settings)
static LayoutSetSoap updateVirtualHost(long groupId, boolean privateLayout, String virtualHost)
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Constructor Detail


public LayoutSetServiceSoap()
Method Detail


public static void updateLayoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled(long groupId,
                                                       boolean privateLayout,
                                                       boolean layoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled,
                                                       String layoutSetPrototypeUuid)
                                                throws RemoteException
Updates the state of the layout set prototype link.

Important: Setting layoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled to true and layoutSetPrototypeUuid to null when the layout set prototype's current uuid is null will result in an IllegalStateException.

groupId - the primary key of the group
privateLayout - whether the layout set is private to the group
layoutSetPrototypeLinkEnabled - whether the layout set prototype is link enabled
layoutSetPrototypeUuid - the uuid of the layout set prototype to link with
PortalException - if a portal exception occurred
SystemException - if a system exception occurred


public static void updateLogo(long groupId,
                              boolean privateLayout,
                              boolean logo,
                              byte[] bytes)
                       throws RemoteException


public static LayoutSetSoap updateLookAndFeel(long groupId,
                                              boolean privateLayout,
                                              String themeId,
                                              String colorSchemeId,
                                              String css,
                                              boolean wapTheme)
                                       throws RemoteException


public static LayoutSetSoap updateSettings(long groupId,
                                           boolean privateLayout,
                                           String settings)
                                    throws RemoteException


public static LayoutSetSoap updateVirtualHost(long groupId,
                                              boolean privateLayout,
                                              String virtualHost)
                                       throws RemoteException

Liferay 6.2-ce-ga5