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Packages that use VerifyProcess

Uses of VerifyProcess in com.liferay.portal.verify

Subclasses of VerifyProcess in com.liferay.portal.verify
 class VerifyAsset
 class VerifyAuditedModel
 class VerifyBlogs
 class VerifyBlogsTrackbacks
           This class looks at every blog comment to see if it is a trackback and verifies that the source URL is a valid URL.
 class VerifyBookmarks
 class VerifyCalendar
 class VerifyDB2
 class VerifyDocumentLibrary
 class VerifyDynamicDataMapping
 class VerifyGroup
 class VerifyGroupId
 class VerifyJournal
 class VerifyLayout
 class VerifyMessageBoards
 class VerifyMySQL
 class VerifyOracle
 class VerifyOrganization
 class VerifyPermission
 class VerifyPortalPreferences
 class VerifyPortletPreferences
 class VerifyProcessSuite
 class VerifyProperties
 class VerifyRegion
 class VerifyResourcePermissions
 class VerifyRole
 class VerifySQLServer
 class VerifyUser
 class VerifyUUID
 class VerifyWiki
 class VerifyWorkflow

Methods in com.liferay.portal.verify with parameters of type VerifyProcess
 void VerifyProcess.verify(VerifyProcess verifyProcess)

Liferay 6.2-ce-ga5