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Packages that use QName   
com.liferay.portal.model This package defines the portal model interfaces, classes, utilities, wrappers, and annotated types. 
com.liferay.portlet This package defines the common portlet interfaces, base classes, classes, factories, and utilities. 

Uses of QName in

Methods in that return QName
static QName OpenSearchUtil.getQName(String name, int namespaceType)

Uses of QName in com.liferay.portal.kernel.xml

Methods in com.liferay.portal.kernel.xml that return QName
static QName SAXReaderUtil.createQName(String localName)
 QName SAXReader.createQName(String localName)
static QName SAXReaderUtil.createQName(String localName, Namespace namespace)
 QName SAXReader.createQName(String localName, Namespace namespace)
 QName Attribute.getQName()
 QName Element.getQName()
 QName Element.getQName(String qualifiedName)

Methods in com.liferay.portal.kernel.xml with parameters of type QName
 Element Element.addAttribute(QName qName, String value)
 Element Branch.addElement(QName qName)
 Attribute Element.attribute(QName qName)
 String Element.attributeValue(QName qName)
 String Element.attributeValue(QName qName, String defaultValue)
static Attribute SAXReaderUtil.createAttribute(Element element, QName qName, String value)
 Attribute SAXReader.createAttribute(Element element, QName qName, String value)
 Element Element.createCopy(QName qName)
static Element SAXReaderUtil.createElement(QName qName)
 Element SAXReader.createElement(QName qName)
 Element Element.element(QName qName)
 Iterator<Element> Element.elementIterator(QName qName)
 List<Element> Element.elements(QName qName)
 String Element.elementText(QName qName)
 String Element.elementTextTrim(QName qName)
 void Element.setQName(QName qName)

Uses of QName in com.liferay.portal.model

Methods in com.liferay.portal.model that return QName
 QName PortletWrapper.getProcessingEvent(String uri, String localPart)
          Returns the supported processing event from a namespace URI and a local part.
 QName Portlet.getProcessingEvent(String uri, String localPart)
          Returns the supported processing event from a namespace URI and a local part.
 QName EventDefinition.getQName()
 QName PublicRenderParameter.getQName()

Methods in com.liferay.portal.model that return types with arguments of type QName
 Set<QName> PortletWrapper.getProcessingEvents()
          Returns the supported processing events of the portlet.
 Set<QName> Portlet.getProcessingEvents()
          Returns the supported processing events of the portlet.
 Set<QName> WebDAVProps.getPropsSet()
 Set<QName> WebDAVPropsWrapper.getPropsSet()
 Set<QName> PortletWrapper.getPublishingEvents()
          Returns the supported publishing events of the portlet.
 Set<QName> Portlet.getPublishingEvents()
          Returns the supported publishing events of the portlet.
 Set<QName> EventDefinition.getQNames()

Methods in com.liferay.portal.model with parameters of type QName
 void EventDefinition.addAliasQName(QName aliasQName)
 void PortletWrapper.addProcessingEvent(QName processingEvent)
          Adds a supported processing event.
 void Portlet.addProcessingEvent(QName processingEvent)
          Adds a supported processing event.
 void PortletApp.addPublicRenderParameter(String identifier, QName qName)
 void PortletWrapper.addPublishingEvent(QName publishingEvent)
          Adds a supported publishing event.
 void Portlet.addPublishingEvent(QName publishingEvent)
          Adds a supported publishing event.
 void EventDefinition.setQName(QName qName)
 void PublicRenderParameter.setQName(QName qName)

Method parameters in com.liferay.portal.model with type arguments of type QName
 void PortletWrapper.setProcessingEvents(Set<QName> processingEvents)
          Sets the supported processing events of the portlet.
 void Portlet.setProcessingEvents(Set<QName> processingEvents)
          Sets the supported processing events of the portlet.
 void PortletWrapper.setPublishingEvents(Set<QName> publishingEvents)
          Sets the supported publishing events of the portlet.
 void Portlet.setPublishingEvents(Set<QName> publishingEvents)
          Sets the supported publishing events of the portlet.

Uses of QName in com.liferay.portlet

Methods in com.liferay.portlet that return QName
 QName PortletQName.getQName(Element qNameEl, Element nameEl, String defaultNamespace)
static QName PortletQNameUtil.getQName(Element qNameEl, Element nameEl, String defaultNamespace)
 QName PortletQName.getQName(String publicRenderParameterName)
static QName PortletQNameUtil.getQName(String publicRenderParameterName)

Methods in com.liferay.portlet with parameters of type QName
 String PortletQName.getKey(QName qName)
static String PortletQNameUtil.getKey(QName qName)
 String PortletQName.getPublicRenderParameterName(QName qName)
static String PortletQNameUtil.getPublicRenderParameterName(QName qName)
 String PortletQName.getRemovePublicRenderParameterName(QName qName)
static String PortletQNameUtil.getRemovePublicRenderParameterName(QName qName)

Uses of QName in com.liferay.util.xml

Methods in com.liferay.util.xml with parameters of type QName
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, boolean text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, double text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, float text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, int text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, long text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, Object text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, short text)
static Element DocUtil.add(Element element, QName qName, String text)

Liferay 6.2-ce-ga5