Tag tabs

Creates a tabbed UI of section dividers that each house their own content.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.liferay.taglib.ui.TabsTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

backLabelfalsetruejava.lang.StringA label for the back URL.
backURLfalsetruejava.lang.StringA URL for navigating back to.
formNamefalsetruejava.lang.StringA name for the tab's form.
namestruetruejava.lang.StringThe names of the tabs. Each name must be separated by a comma with no spaces.
onClickfalsetruejava.lang.StringA function to be called on a user clicking any of the tabs.
paramfalsetruejava.lang.StringA variable for the component.
portletURLfalsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to refer to the portlet that contains the component.
refreshfalsetruebooleanWhether the page refreshes when a tab is clicked.
tabsValuesfalsetruejava.lang.StringTab values that must follow the same order as the names attribute. Each value must be separated by a comma with no spaces.
typefalsetruejava.lang.StringA design type for the tabs. Possible values are tabs and pills.
urlfalsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which all the tabs are linked when clicked. You can also set each tab's URL individually using url[number] attribute.
url0falsetruejava.lang.StringNo Description
url1falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the second tab is linked when clicked.
url2falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the third tab is linked when clicked
url3falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the fourth tab is linked when clicked
url4falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the fifth tab is linked when clicked
url5falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the sixth tab is linked when clicked
url6falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the seventh tab is linked when clicked
url7falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the eighth tab is linked when clicked
url8falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the ninth tab is linked when clicked
url9falsetruejava.lang.StringA URL to which the tenth tab is linked when clicked
valuefalsetruejava.lang.StringAn active tab from the value given in the attribute tabsValues. No matter which tab a user selects, the tab given for this value always remains active.

No Variables Defined.

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