Tag translation-manager

Creates a UI component for managing translation of associated content.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.liferay.taglib.aui.TranslationManagerTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

availableLocalesfalsetruejava.util.Locale[]Available locales of translation languages from which to choose.
changeableDefaultLanguagefalsetruebooleanWhether to make the translation manager default language changeable. The default value is true.
defaultLanguageIdfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe language ID to which the translation manager defaults when no other translations are available in the user's language.
editingLanguageIdfalsetruejava.lang.StringNo Description
idfalsetruejava.lang.StringAn ID for the component instance.
initializefalsetruebooleanWhether to activate the translation manager. The default value is true. If this is set to false, the translation manager will not work entirely.
readOnlyfalsetruebooleanWhether to make the translation manager read-only for the user. The default value is false.

No Variables Defined.

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