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Packages that use EventRequest
javax.portlet The javax.portlet package defines the API for Java Portlet Specification V2.0. 
javax.portlet.filter The javax.portlet.filter package defines the filter APIs for the Java Portlet Specification. 

Uses of EventRequest in javax.portlet

Methods in javax.portlet with parameters of type EventRequest
 void GenericPortlet.processEvent(EventRequest request, EventResponse response)
          The default implementation tries to dispatch to a method annotated with @ProcessEvent that matches the event name or, if no such method is found just sets the current render parameters on the response.
Note that the annotated methods needs to be public in order to be allowed to be called by GenericPortlet.
 void EventPortlet.processEvent(EventRequest request, EventResponse response)
          Called by the portlet container requesting the portlet to process a specific event.
 void EventResponse.setRenderParameters(EventRequest request)
          Maintain the current render parameters of the request for the response.

Uses of EventRequest in javax.portlet.filter

Classes in javax.portlet.filter that implement EventRequest
 class EventRequestWrapper
          The EventRequestWrapper provides a convenient implementation of the EventRequest interface that can be subclassed by developers wishing to adapt the request.

Methods in javax.portlet.filter that return EventRequest
 EventRequest EventRequestWrapper.getRequest()
          Return the wrapped request object.

Methods in javax.portlet.filter with parameters of type EventRequest
 void FilterChain.doFilter(EventRequest request, EventResponse response)
          Causes the next filter in the chain to be invoked, or if the calling filter is the last filter in the chain, causes the portlet at the end of the chain to be invoked.
 void EventFilter.doFilter(EventRequest request, EventResponse response, FilterChain chain)
          The doFilter method of the Filter is called by the portlet container each time a event request/response pair is passed through the chain due to a client request for a portlet method at the end of the chain.
 void EventResponseWrapper.setRenderParameters(EventRequest request)
          The default behavior of this method is to call setRenderParameters() on the wrapped response object.
 void EventRequestWrapper.setRequest(EventRequest request)
          Sets the request object being wrapped.

Constructors in javax.portlet.filter with parameters of type EventRequest
EventRequestWrapper(EventRequest request)
          Creates an EventRequest adaptor wrapping the given request object.