Tag select

Creates a select field (or combo box) for holding <aui:option> components.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.liferay.taglib.aui.SelectTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

beanfalsetruejava.lang.ObjectSets the bean associated with the select component.
changesContextfalsetruebooleanSets whether to reload the page when the value of the field changes. The default value is false.
cssClassfalsetruejava.lang.StringSets a CSS class for styling this component.
datafalsetruejava.util.MapTakes a set of data and passes it as HTML data attributes. For example, the HashMap<"class-name", "foo"> would render as the attribute data-class-name = "foo";.
disabledfalsetruebooleanSets whether the component is disabled. The default value is false.
firstfalsetruebooleanSets whether the component should be the first element of the form. The default value is false.
helpMessagefalsetruejava.lang.StringSets text to display as a help tooltip on mouse over of the component's help icon.
idfalsetruejava.lang.StringIdentifies the component instance.
ignoreRequestValuefalsetruebooleanNo Description
inlineFieldfalsetruebooleanSets whether to align the select field with the next element in the form. The default value is false.
inlineLabelfalsetruejava.lang.StringAligns the label's text. Possible values are right and left.
labelfalsetruejava.lang.StringSets the select field's label and displays it above the field.
lastfalsetruebooleanSets whether the component should be the last element in the form. The default value is false.
listTypefalsetruejava.lang.StringSets the list type and automatically generates the options. Possible values can be found in
listTypeFieldNamefalsetruejava.lang.StringNo Description
multiplefalsetruebooleanSets whether multiple options can be selected. If set to true, the select field expands to allow for multiple selections. The default value is false.
nametruetruejava.lang.StringSets the select field's name attribute. Note that this value overrides the label attribute and takes the place of the label.
onChangefalsetruejava.lang.StringSets a function to be called when the select field's value changes.
onClickfalsetruejava.lang.StringSets a function to be called on users clicking the select field.
prefixfalsetruejava.lang.StringSets the text to display before the select field.
requiredfalsetruebooleanSets whether to mark the select field as required. The default value is false.
showEmptyOptionfalsetruebooleanSets whether to display an empty option as a placeholder. The default value is false.
showRequiredLabelfalsetruebooleanSets whether to display the required label above the select field. Note that this attribute is only active if the required attribute is set to true. The default value is false.
suffixfalsetruejava.lang.StringSets the text to display after the select field.
titlefalsetruejava.lang.StringSets the select field's title.
useNamespacefalsetruebooleanSets whether to use the default portlet namespace, to avoid name conflicts. The default value is true.

No Variables Defined.

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