Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="aui" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:aui="" />

Provides the AUI component tags, prefixed with aui:.

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameaui

Tag Summary
button-itemDeprecated as of 6.2, replaced by aui:button.
aCreates an anchor (or link) that offers custom configuration and localization.
buttonNo Description
button-rowCreates a button row <div> tag to wrap <aui:button> components and offer additional styling.
colCreates a column to display content in an <aui:row> component.
columnDeprecated as of 6.2, replaced by aui:col.
componentNo Description
containerCreates a container <div> tag to wrap <aui:row> components and offer additional styling.
field-wrapperCreates a <div> tag to wrap form fields and offer additional styling.
fieldsetCreates a <div> tag to group related form elements and offer additional styling.
formCreates a form that offers additional styling and custom namespacing.
iconCreates a customizable icon that can leverage Bootstrap CSS icon classes.
inputCreates a configurable input component.
layoutDeprecated as of 6.2, with no replacement.
model-contextCreates a configurable model context object that can be used as a model for other components.
navCreates a navigation wrapper component to hold <nav:item> components for an <aui:nav-bar> component.
nav-barCreates a navigation bar to house navigation components.
nav-bar-searchCreates a search component for an <aui:nav-bar> component.
nav-itemCreates a navigation item for using in an <aui:nav> component.
optionCreates an option component for using in an <aui:select> component.
panelNo Description
rowCreates a row to hold <aui:col> components.
scriptCreates a script component in which to write JavaScript that facilitates using AlloyUI modules.
selectCreates a select field (or combo box) for holding <aui:option> components.
spacerCreates a spacer component that enables JSP 2.1 server-side trimming of white spaces.
translation-managerCreates a UI component for managing translation of associated content.
validatorCreates a component to validate input fields.
workflow-statusCreates a UI component that displays the current status of its associated workflow.

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