Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="liferay-ui" uri="" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:liferay-ui="" />

Provides the Liferay UI component tags, prefixed with liferay-ui:.

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Nameliferay-ui

Tag Summary
asset-categories-selectorDeprecated as of 7.3.0, replaced by the liferay-asset:asset-categories-selector tag.
asset-tags-selectorDeprecated as of 7.3.0, replaced by the liferay-asset:asset-tags-selector tag.
breadcrumbDeprecated as of 7.3.0, replaced by the liferay-site-navigation:breadcrumb tag.
diff-htmlNo Description
drop-here-infoNo Description
empty-result-messageNo Description
errorCreates an error message to display to the user.
error-headerCreates a liferay-ui:header with a back button; it's for displaying above an error message.
error-markerNo Description
error-principalCreates an authorization failure error message to display to the user.
headerCreates a header that displays its text above a horizontal rule accompanied by a configurable back URL button.
iconCreates a fully configurable icon that provides access to current Liferay theme icons.
icon-deactivateCreates an icon to associate with deactivating an item.
icon-deleteCreates a configurable icon to associate with deleting or removing an item.
icon-helpCreates a help icon that displays a custom message as a tooltip on mouse over of the help icon.
icon-listCreates a list of icons from a list of child components.
icon-menuCreates an icon menu from a list of child components.
input-checkboxCreates a configurable input checkbox.
input-dateCreates a date input field that displays a calendar for date selection.
input-editorDeprecated as of 7.1.0, replaced by the liferay-editor:editor tag.
input-fieldNo Description
input-localizedNo Description
input-move-boxesCreates an input move boxes component comprised of two columns of key value pairs that can be rearranged.
input-permissionsNo Description
input-permissions-paramsNo Description
input-repeatCreates a component allowing users to make an event repeat over a given interval.
input-resourceCreates an input field for selecting resources such as folders.
input-searchCreates a configurable search box.
input-timeCreates a time input field that provides a scrollable dropdown list of hours, in intervals designated by the minuteInterval attribute.
input-time-zoneCreates a configurable timezone drop-down menu.
languageNo Description
layout-commonNo Description
layout-templates-listNo Description
logo-selectorNo Description
membership-policy-errorNo Description
menuNo Description
menu-itemNo Description
messageCreates a message to display to the user.
page-iteratorCreates a page iterator for paginating through lists of items.
panelCreates a collapsible panel for housing content.
panel-containerCreates a collapsible container to house liferay-ui:panel components.
paramNo Description
quick-accessNo Description
quick-access-entryNo Description
search-containerCreates a grid for displaying a list of objects and their properties.
search-container-column-dateCreates a date column in a search container.
search-container-column-iconCreates a column in a search container for displaying an icon.
search-container-column-imageCreates a column in a search container for displaying an image.
search-container-column-jspCreates a column in a search container with the contents of a JSP file.
search-container-column-statusCreates a column in a search container for the workflow status.
search-container-column-textCreates a text column in a search container.
search-container-column-userNo Description
search-container-resultsThe list of objects to display in the search container.
search-container-rowCreates rows in the search container for each object returned by liferay-ui:search-container-results.
search-container-row-parameterCreates parameters for rows in the search container. The liferay-ui:search-container-row tag is required.
search-formNo Description
search-iteratorCreates a search results page iterator with an optional paginator.
search-paginatorCreates a page iterator to paginate through search results.
search-toggleCreates a search instance that can be toggled between basic and advanced search.
sectionNo Description
successCreates a success message to display to the user.
tabsCreates a tabbed UI of section dividers that each house their own content.

toggle-valueDeprecated as of 7.4.0, with no direct replacement.
toolbar-itemNo Description
upload-progressCreates a progress bar for items being uploaded.
user-displayNo Description
user-name-fieldsNo Description
user-portraitNo Description

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